Castilian lisp? Think again!

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In the inaugural episode of SpeakCastilian, announcers Debra Ball and Memo Sauceda set the stage for the debunking of many myths surrounding the Castilian language, which has been inaccurately called “Spanish” or “español”, since there are many official Spanish languages, each with its own unique name. The reason for this name manipulation has been an attempt to cover up the failed attempt to commit linguicide (linguistic genocide) in Spain between 1925 and 1975. Debra Ball and Memo Sauceda present the host and language activist Allan Tépper, who is the author of La conspiración del castellano, its English adaptation The Castilian Conspiracy, producer of the new bilingual song Let it be called CastilianDebe llamarse castellano (which is played during this episode) and creator of the award-winning CapicúaFM show. The song features the voice of the renowned Spaniard singer and linguist María Esnoz. Allan Tépper documents which countries protect the name Castilian (castellano) in their respective constitutions, and which Latin American country does so in a specific federal law which he quotes. The three different Castilian pronunciation classifications are demonstrated audibly: Distinction, Seseo and Ceceo, with an inverted pyramid conceptualized by Johanna Vega & Allan Tépper… and executed by graphic designer Andreína Ascanio Toro. The persistent myth of the 14th century king is also debunked.

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