1-on-1 Castilian sessions

Now you can book 1-on-1 sessions with Allan Tépper, either online from wherever you are in the world (including FaceTime, Google Meet, Skype, Telegram)… or in person in the Coral Gables/Miami area in Florida, United States.

Why choose Allan Tépper to learn Castilian, practice with observations or improve what you already know?

Allan Tépper has published several books on the topic, some of which have been honored by Amazon in its annual festivals. Allan is a certified translator and hosts an online radio show and podcast in Castilian called CapicúaFM which has already surpassed 266,000 listeners in over 180 countries, according to Podtrac, the independent measuring service. He has also been a guest (in Castilian) on radio and TV programs in Colombia, Guatemala, Spain and Venezuela, in addition to Castilian-language radio in the United States, including Actualidad Radio, Amor 107.5, Radio Ideal Internacional, Radio Ritmo (before its conversion to Amor 107.5) and Unión Radio. Allan is also uniquely familiar with Castilian regionalisms throughout Spain and the Americas.

Book your session now, for today or in advance. The price is US$88 per hour, with a 22% discount if you prepay 11 hours or more:


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