Allan Tépper already hosts the CapicúaFM show.

Soon, he will also host the show in English. Here are the tentative episode topics:

  1. Castilian; the only proper name for the most widely used Spanish language
  2. Places where Castilian is spoken worldwide: obvious and not so obvious
  3. Differences between Castilian in Spain vs the Americas
  4. Debunking the lisp myth: advantages of the unique c/z sound
  5. Castilian names in US states, cities & streets
  6. Bilingualism in the US
  7. The plural of : an unfortunate black hole in the Americas (vosotras/vosotros)
  8. Spanish keyboard? Castilian keyboard? Latin American keyboard?
  9. Gender in the Castilian language: nouns, professions, adjectives & even pronouns
  10. Ordinal numbers (feminine and masculine) in Castilian and their abbreviations
  11. Regional Castilian differences throughout the Americas
  12. The singular Vos, and alternate to in many countries in the Americas